Dating Southeast Asian Girls

What Dating Southeast Asian Girls Is Like

Based on my travels in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, and having been dating Southeast Asian Girls for almost two years, I get asked these questions every week:

  • What is it like dating Southeast Asian Girls compared to Western girls?
  • How are girls in Thailand different from the Philippines?
  • How do Vietnamese girls compare with Thais? Are they hotter? More conservative?
  • Are Indonesian girls easier to bed than Filipinas?
  • … and the like.

I thought about writing a big post comparing the girls from each country I’ve visited or lived in, but I kept putting it off.

Until I reached out to Kyle at This Is Trouble about a chance to write a guest post about this very topic. He graciously took me up on my offer, and this gave me a good motivational kick in the butt to get this done.

My MASSIVE 3,500 word guest post over at his blog is titled:

Comparison of Southeast Asian Girls Between Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam

Feel free to give this a read and enjoy!

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