The Decision


If you’re thinking about becoming location independent, ask yourself why. This is the most important question you will ask yourself before embarking on your journey.

Do you want to:

  • Be your own boss?
  • Go through your whole bucket list before you die?
  • Go partying and fuck around for a while?
  • Go off the grid?
  • Climb Mount Everest?
  • Whip up a business or three for passive income?
  • Find a nice wife to build a family with?
  • Get away from a place obsessed with being politically correct, just to recover your sanity?
  • Campaign for Donald Trump full time?
  • Take extended vacations and pace yourself instead of stressful one-week rushcations?

Whatever your reasons may be, they are your reasons. I don’t judge but my advice would be to have clarity on why you are doing this and what you hope to gain from your journey.

Without this introspection, how will you know whether you are actually progressing from point A to point B in your life, and not just going in circles?

It is important to ask yourself:

What do you want?
What do you want?

For me personally, it was several things. I wanted to be my own boss, learn a few different languages, experience different cultures, make new friends and meet women around the world through my travels, and later carve out a living in the country I liked best. If you haven’t already, read my story to see why I wanted to make serious changes to my life.

I tried doing this while holding a full time job, but it was not easy to do both. Plus it wouldn’t be right if I went to my job and put in a half assed effort while my mind was somewhere else. The right thing to do was to strike out on my own, and put in a serious attempt at becoming location independent.

What about you — what do you want?

2 comments On The Decision

  • Bill,

    You are an incredible inspiration. This is just the blog that many like-minded men (such as myself) need. I’m glad to have met you and I look forward to reading about your future successes. Excellent work!


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