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How To Stay Focused While Living In Paradise

Contribution by Rob, a fellow expat living in Vietnam

It’s every man’s dream to quit his job, start a business and jet off to some exotic destination where he’ll live like a king.

Unfortunately, once you move to your dream destination, it’s tough to get anything done. You’re so busy exploring that work takes a backseat. It’s a common problem, and one that almost every digital nomad and entrepreneur has to face.

In fact, this is something I used to struggle with constantly.

Until I learned a simple productivity secret that literally changed my life.

And I’ll share it with you in this article.

Do Your Most Important Task Right Away


What the the one thing that absolutely must get done today?

Closing a big sale?

Emailing an important client?

Finishing up a high-profile design project?

Whatever the case may be, figure out what activity provides the biggest benefit to to and your business. Then, once you’ve determined what it is, focus all your energy into completing this task.

This may sound like common sense, but it’s something very few people actually do.

I’ve been using this tactic for for several years now, and it’s allowed me to get more done than I’d ever managed to in the past.

Make A Daily To-Do List

to do list

Every night, before going to bed, write out six things that you need to accomplish for the following day. This is a strategy I discovered in the book: The Official Guide to Success, by Tom Hopkins.

Doing six things a day might not sound like much, but it actually adds up over time. Following this strategy for a month, results in you knocking out 180 different tasks.

That’s quite a bit. And significantly more than most people accomplish through the standard “procrastinate and cram” cycle they’re stuck in.

Plan A Fun Activity Every Week And Treat It As Your Reward

finish work first then do fun activities

I love playing games.

Blackjack, dog racing, poker, you name it.

Calculating odds and placing wagers is my idea of a good time.

Of course, gaming gets expensive. That’s why I restrain myself and use it as a rare treat. How so? By using the following system (feel free to adapt it to whatever activity you want):

If I accomplish                  ,                ,              , and                 , by   [Insert Date]  , I can spend   [A Duration Of Time]   doing   [An Activity You Love]  .

This is a good way to balance your time and use vice activities (goofing off, chasing women, watching movies, relaxing on the beach, etc.) as an incentive to boost your business.

You’re On Your Own

You're on your own

Just because you’ve escaped the rat race and moved abroad doesn’t mean you’ve won the game of life, and are now able to relax or retire. In fact, it’s usually the exact opposite.

Now that you’re on your own and in control of your destiny, you’ve got to go hard and give 110%.

And maximizing your time is the best way to do this.

Focus on accomplishing big tasks, make to-do lists with written goals and use free time as a reward for getting all your work done. This way you’re staying focused and growing your business, while still having fun and enjoying your new life.

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  • Great read! Especially the last point clicked, you are on your own in a country where you probably dont even speak the language, should be all the motivation and focus you ever need to keep pushing and not get caugh off-guard.

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