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Dating A Filipino Woman: Seven Secrets Nobody Tells You

A generous contribution from writer Portia Linao

The Philippines is a country full of wonders like its people, cultural traits, beautiful landmarks, and many others. When you travel in this country, you’ll definitely enter a whole new world full of excitement and adventure.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with this country, most especially the Filipino people. When you’re dating a Filipina, a lot of pros and cons could take place. Like they’re beautiful, caring, respectful, loves their families to pieces, and others.

But in this article, we would be focusing on the secrets about dating a Filipino woman that nobody would tell you. And today, I would definitely tell you the top seven that I think would be most essential to capture that Filipina’s heart.

1. Easy to effortless conversation

Statistically speaking, the Philippines has an average of 90M people who can understand and speak english. With english being the universal language, it is practically easy to communicate with just about anyone in the Philippines.

Having a language that both parties can compromise on is a huge factor for anything. Most especially if you’re travelling or dating.

Compared to other Asian countries, the Philippines is one of those top countries where most people can speak and write the English language.

When you’re socializing with locals, you won’t have to worry about language barriers anymore. You might still encounter some miscommunication though due to unfamiliarity of some words or figures of speech, but all in all, you’ll definitely have a good time there because there’s understanding of language.

2. Supremely religious

About 86% of the population in the Philippines are Roman Catholic and most of them are very religious. It’s been a part of the Filipino culture to be religious like going to church every Sunday, praying with the rosary, and many others.

Religion just played a huge role to the Filipino peoples’ belief and way of life.

But take note that there are also other Filipinos who are not religious. For them, it’s a matter of choice and the way they were brought up, but that’s doesn’t mean that they don’t value marriage and family.

3. Friendliness is a sure thing

Filipinos are known all over the world because of their hospitality and kindness. These people are totally welcome to everyone, especially to travelers. If you’re travelling in the Philippines right at this moment, I’m sure you’ve already been mesmerized with the people’s friendliness and hospitality.

If not, then you should definitely visit!

The same trait also goes to Filipinas. These women are very friendly and approachable. When you’re in the Philippines, you’ll certainly feel at home not because of the place but because of the people.

4. Having good hygiene is a must

Okay. We really have to get real and open with this one. Dating a Filipino woman is one thing and smelling good by having a proper hygiene is another. Every woman, not only a Filipina wouldn’t want to date someone who’s a slob with themselves.

The Philippines is a tropical country with two seasons. The wet and dry season, but most of the time, it’s the latter. Hot winds and flashes are expected all the time, which according to science can produce sweat and bad odor.

When you’re in the Philippines or any other country in the world, atleast try to maintain a good hygiene. Girls treat bad odor and hygiene to a major turn off. Not only will you make a bad first impression to people, but you’ll also decrease your chances of getting a date with an awesome Filipino woman.

5. The obsession for white skin

Having a lighter skin tone has always been a favorite for Filipinos. For some, or for most of them, they consider having white skin as the epitome of beauty. To be more brutally honest, if you’re white and travelling in the Philippines, you’re considered automatically considered as beautiful.

After doing some research, the Filipino people are not the only Asians who are obsessed with achieving the pearly white skin, but also Chinese, Thais, and many others.

As for the history as to why Filipinos are like that, the lesser complex and colonial mentality might have took place since the Filipino people were colonized by Spaniards for hundreds of years? What do you think?

6. Always. And I mean ALWAYS respect their family

Filipinos love their families to death. They have a high respect for their family members, especially towards their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.

Now if you happen to be traveling in the Philippines because you’re in a relationship with a Filipina, then you’re about to be introduced to her family. Not that she wants to take things too fast, but that’s just the way of the Filipino dating culture. It’s actually just being respectful.

The dating culture of Western countries and the Philippines are so far apart. That’s why, if you’re about to be in a relationship or already in a relationship with someone from a different culture, understanding and being knowledgeable about their culture would be aces! It never hurts to do some easy research about some tips for Filipino dating.

7. Learn some sweet Filipino words

The Filipino people are proud of what makes them Filipinos. From their language, way of life, and even down to their history. One of the best secrets when you’re trying to capture a Filipino woman’s heart is by learning how to speak the Filipino language.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be fluent in it. But a little knowledge on some sweet Filipino words like “Mahal kita” which means I love you and “Gusto kita” which means I like you.

Bottom Line

Friendliness and hospitality comes naturally for the Filipino people. When you visit the Philippines whether to visit a girlfriend or just simply travelling, you’ll definitely feel welcome and at home that you wouldn’t want to leave.

When you’re already dating a Filipina, I bet you already know some of these tips. But then a little knowledge on some of these would still do some good for you and for other travelers out there. Good luck!

3 comments On Dating A Filipino Woman: Seven Secrets Nobody Tells You

  • I been traveling the Philippines, Luzon region for several years now. Dated quite a few Filipina women and was in a short relationship with one before I met my wife. There are many pros & cons with dating a different culture, but Philippines sure has a way of making you fall in Love with its people. I love my wife and together we will be relocating to the Philippines. There is something there that just attracts me to their culture. SALAMAT for reading my post.

  • Hey Bill,

    This is a nice introductory article to the Philippines and Filipinas, and I just wanted to add a couple points. Filipinos are definitely a religious people, but their take on religion is slightly different from the Western conception of it. Many people follow religion more for its effect on social perception than out of strong faith. Aside from Catholics, Muslims and Protestants make up the majority of the rest, and they by no means are any less religiously devoted than their Catholic co-nationals. Almost all believers also subscribe to many animist beliefs like ghosts, spirits, demons, and mythical creatures, which makes for an interesting blend of animism with their professed faith.

    Also, while many Filipinos speak English, it is not taught to an advanced level as it is in native speaking countries. And when you leave the major cities in Luzon, it is less well spoken in the province. Large portions of the population speak English at a basic level, and their level of English comprehension is often limited. This is can cause frustrations for expats interacting with Filipinos, as the expectation of English fluency can lead to disappointments and misunderstandings from miscommunications.

    Just some nuances I thought I’d add. Nice blog!

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