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5 Crazy (But True) Things About Dating A Thai Woman

A generous contribution from writer Portia Linao

Thailand along has many wonders and mysteries like it’s places, food, and culture. But today, we are solely going to focus on dating Thai women.

All things in this world have setbacks. Even relationship. If you’re dreaming of one with no setbacks, then you might want to stay on dreaming because that would never be possible in the real world. In dating a Thai woman, there are also pros and cons.

It’s totally insane not to date a Thai woman and there are quite a number of things that I can share to you about Thai women but today, we’re going to stick with the top five most insane but true things that you must know when you’re about to date or already dating one.

1. Their family’s approval is PRIORITY #1

When you grew up in a Thai culture, you would be taught to respect and follow your family at all cost. And when you date a Thai woman, it would be expected that she would seek her whole family’s approval of you two dating before the both of you could move on into a more deeper relationship. This would be the challenge of a normal Thai guy.

But if you’re a foreigner, you’ll have to put up with a little extra challenge. Some Thai families are given the impression that foreigners would cause havoc to their home and show bad behavior since the’ve heard rumors and seen happenings of foreigners doing just exactly that. That’s why, if you’re dating a Thai woman and you’re about to meet her family, be on your best behavior. Act naturally and always with respect. Those two simple things could go a long way into getting her parents’ or whole family’s approval.

2. Thai Women are very shy. Especially in public

When you’re a foreigner and travelling on Thailand for the first time, it can be a refreshing to see reserved and shy girls in comparison to western women who are very confident and open.

Just so you know, being conservative is a part of a Thai woman’s culture that are taught to them by their parents and their parents before them. When you’re in public, they’re less talkative, less flirty, some wouldn’t even consent to hold hands!

I understand that it can be a little (it’s actually very) frustrating, but if you’re really into that girl, then her being shy, conservative, and reserved won’t stop you. Patience and understanding is the key to success!

3. Extreme self-consciousness

This actually goes with #2. Thai women are shy because they’re self conscious. When a Thai woman is out with a foreign guy, it can certainly attract stares and judgmental comments which can obviously make anyone, and even you self conscious.

Since it’s a part of the Thai dating culture to be reserved and conservative, Thai women constantly stress about what other people think. Whether if people find them being too touchy, too talkative, or even sitting too closely with their date or boyfriend.

This is one of the major problems of interracial relationships. When culture differences clash together, it would definitely show problems that weren’t there before. Learning each other’s culture and compromising on your differences would be the key ingredients if you’re cooking for a successful and long lasting relationship.

Researching and applying these Thai dating tips can work wonders for your dating life. I swear!

4. Racist (But not all of them)

Whatever country you visit, racism is always there hanging onto your shoulders. Especially if you’re a foreigner walking around in a foreign country. In Thailand, they have this thing about a class system division where it is solely based on how light your skin is. Because in Thailand, if you have white skin, that mean you’re considered to be beautiful and part of the high class society.

This is actually sad, but it’s a true fact, if you’re a white male looking to date a nice woman in Thailand, then you have higher chances of attracting many Thai girls. But also take note that not all of them are all exclusive to dating white males only.

Attention to men who are planning on dating a Thai woman! These women spend a large sum of their money on whitening products like soaps, creams, sunblocks, and many others just to achieve that pearly white skin for reasons that I’ve stated just a little while ago.

But just to be clear, I’m not criticizing Thai women for wanting to achieve white skin. If they feel beautiful and confident with having white skin, then we should respect that.

5. The abominable Third Wheel

In case you didn’t know, a third wheel is a person who is always present on romantic dates, or even just casually hanging out and for most of the time, they are brought by the female. When you’re dating in Thailand, you can expect these people always lingering when you’re on a date with a local Thai woman. A third wheel could be anyone, whether it’s their closest friend, cousin, or sibling. Worst case scenario is that they would bring a parent or their whole family. (Yikes!)

It’s alright to feel awful when you suddenly fall into this kind of situation. I know anyone in that situation would feel bad too, irritated even. But hey, lessons are learned in every mistake or mishap. Once in a while you just have to go with the flow and deal with it, head on. Just make sure if you’re having a date with a Thai girl, always bring a little extra cash. You never know who or how many she’s going to take with her.

Bottom Line

When you’re dating or about to have a date with a Thai woman, it’s important to be aware of their dating culture. Which I think would be pretty helpful for you today or in the near future to prevent any heartaches and embarrassments. You wouldn’t want to spend time and most importantly, money on a date that would not work just because you’re with the wrong woman.

But then, that happens in the world of dating all the time. Just take these tips to heart and have the knowledge of awareness.

3 comments On 5 Crazy (But True) Things About Dating A Thai Woman

  • This is a click bait article title. There was nothing insane here…

    Actually none of this is specific to Thai women either. Has the writer of this even lived there or just did at 2 week vacation? There is nothing in this article which would indicate you know anything specific to what it is like to date Thai women.

  • the stupid writer has so many grammatical errors, she/he better stops trying hard to make shitty articles like these. Untrue and unprofessional.

  • Fam approval and the rest seems only sensical to me. Asians apparently haven’t lost their minds yet unlike western countries.

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