How the Modern Man Can Mentally Prepare to Become an Expat

On this blog, we’ve talked about the ways that you can prepare to become location independent and expatriate. But one way that we haven’t talked about yet is arguably the most important one: mentally.

The mental hurdle isn’t as obvious as the logistical ones, such as money or location. However, it can be even more powerful than them, especially since it can masquerade as one or more of them. Think about it. When you’re not mentally ready to try something, be it riding a bike, or location independence, it’s all too easy to perpetually say, “I just need more time to prepare.” So, unless you clear this mental hurdle, you’ll inevitably stall out on the path to location independence.

So, how do we not stall out? Here are three things that’ll help, and how they’ll help:

1. Get stylish clothes that fit you

Getting your dress Game on point is a good place to start. We have to remember that the average Joe doesn’t even want to try it. That’s despite the guaranteed instant respect it garners from everyone everywhere. Taking the “risk” of wasting money here can be a small but important mental step. One that makes it easier to take actual risks, like trying location independence.

2. Lift

Lift to mentally prepare
His muscles say he’s mentally ready.

Getting in shape is a good intermediate step, since it does take a few months for a newbie to see results. Again though, the average Joe doesn’t even want to try it. That’s despite the upside of respect from everyone everywhere absolutely crushing the small injury risk and resource and time commitment. Again as well, taking the “risk” of wasting time and resources here makes it easier to take the actual risk of location independence.

3. Approach girls where you already live, in real life

Learning to approach girls in real life is a good final step, since for newbies, it feels like a big risk. Doing it is barely on Average Joe’s radar, if it all. But, if you think about it, what’s the worst that can happen? Unless you live somewhere where it alone could get you in trouble, the worst that can happen is that your feelings will be hurt. As a masculine man, that shouldn’t matter to you at all. Experiencing this risk for yourself, and realizing that this “big risk” is not that big, will prepare you to see the “big risk” of location independence in the same way.

[Bill’s note: I personally cosign to this — this is how I met my current Vietnamese girlfriend]

To help you with this, get Roosh’s books on picking up girls:


By clearing these three successively larger risks, you’ll be more mentally ready to take on the larger risk of location independence. Clearing that mental hurdle is arguably the most important one on your way to environments of your complete choosing.

Bonus: Two More Benefits of These Three Steps

1. You’ll give an honest effort where you already are

Have you ever taken a choice between two options, say, while shopping, and wondered what the other option would’ve been like? By completing the three steps above, you’ll be able to say for certain that you tried your best with the location – the option – that you already have.

2. You’ll be even more attractive wherever you go

Being a well-dressed and fit guy with Game is always better than the alternative, everywhere.

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